Refrigerator Accessories

To provide our customer a one stop solution for Restaurants, Supermarket and Coffee Shops, we also fabricate various accessories needed also with our commercial refrigeration variants.

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Refrigerator Accessories in Bangalore

Synergy innovations is a commercial refrigerator systems manufacturing company in Bangalore. We sell and manufacture refrigerator accessories in Bangalore, Karnataka, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and all over India. Automatic ice maker kits provide a steady supply of ice without the mess of refilling ice trays. Designed for top Mount refrigerators and Refrigerator Accessories in Bangalore with a Bibb connection were manufactured. Refrigerator must be configured first for an ice maker. Kit contains ice bin, ice maker and installation hardware. Brushed stainless steel trim kit is designed to provide a built-in look for the All Refrigerator, All Freezer and Refrigerators accessories in Bangalore for sale. Install with louver, easy-to-remove louver for a 75” fitted collar look. Puresource Ultra is a filter designed for use of all French-Door model refrigerators and Refrigerators accessories, which is designed to remove odors and unpleasant smells and provide six months of crystal and cleans water by removing 99% of bacteria infect-ants. It will meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 it is certified. Three packs contain three water filters. The Ice Bin Assembly is a heavy ice bucket designed to easily contain ice from your ice maker. Easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe. It is designed to fit top-mount refrigerators, accessories for refrigeration systems this garage refrigerator heater is ideal for fridges located in garages and basements where the temperature drops low to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The three quart flavor infusing pitcher with ice chamber is made up of crystal clear acrylic. It is BPA free and It is top rack dishwasher safe and it Includes flavor infuser and ice chamber. The Pure Air Freshness Booster Starter Kit removes ethylene from the crisper to help minimize food waste and ultimately save you money and foods. Starter Kit includes 2 Freshness Booster packets, holder, Timestrip Time Indicator and instructions.



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