Glass Display Cabinets in Bangalore

Synergy Innovations is a company who are the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of glass display cabinets in Bangalore, retail display cabinets with glass door in Bangalore, wall display cabinet with glass door in Bangalore, . We are the best in our market for last decade with lot of products are listed below. For Glass display cabinets manufactures in Bangalore, Glass display cabinets manufacturing companies in Bangalore, wall mounted display cabinets suppliers in Bangalore, come to Synergy Innovations.

glass display cabinet is a case with one or more transparent glass surface of plastic or acrylic for strength which is used to display objects for displaying. Glass display cabinets may appear in an exhibition, restaurant, retail store, museum or house. Mostly, labels are included with the displayed objects to provide information such as price of particular object or description of it. Glass Display cabinets manufacturers in Bangalore, Glass Display cabinets suppliers in Bangalore, Glass Display cabinets exporters in Bangalore. In a museum, the cultural artifacts are displayed using glass display cabinets which are normally part of the museum’s collection, or which can also be a part of a temporary exhibition. In a restaurant or retail shop, the items are normally being displayed and offered for sale. A trophy case is used to display sports trophies and other life achieving awards.

A glass display cabinet may be freestanding or built-in displays or may be mounted on the wall, or may be hung on the ceiling; There are three types of freestanding showcases they are counter, middle floor and wall, Counter showcases are designed to display objects through one side and it is accessible from the other side, The middle floor cases are designed to display objects from all sides and they are meant to be placed in the middle of the room, Wall showcases are designed to be placed against a wall, where the products are displayed and accessed from the same side.

glass display cabinets Bangaloreglass display cabinets Bangalore

Retail Display Cabinets with glass door in Bangalore

Synergy innovations offer same day shipping on an extensive range of display cabinets and retail showcases, we have retail display cabinets with glass door in Bangalore and retail display cabinets with transparent door  in Bangalore which gives a stylish and clear view of items and products which is on display; we have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, we have wall cabinets to jewelry cases, we have display cases to suit your needs, it has a number of features including corner shelves, cash register stand, lights, locks it gives the cabinet a finishing touch, we have a wide range of special glasses for doors. Order today!!

Wall display cabinets with glass door in Bangalore

A versatile, convenient and competitive alternative to the conventional wall display cabinet with glass door in Bangalore.  It utilizes three sided wall and screw fixed directly to the wall, a panel display can be created without the need for carpentry skills just by adding glass door to the cabinet. Wall displays are an ideal way to cover walls by providing a large display area.

The wall display cabinet features:

  • A delicately arch pediment.
  • 4-5 adjustable glass shelves in custom height.
  • A stylish glass door in front.
  • A hinged front door for easy access to your collectibles.


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