Commercial Vegetable Refrigerator



Commercial Vegetable Refrigerator

Synergy Innovations offers the world class Commercial Vegetable Refrigerator in Bangalore and Freezers. We offer the 40 cubic foot Side-by-side Stainless Steel Freezer/Refrigerator for the finest homes. commercial Refrigerated Floral Cases are also available. For Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators for sale in Bangalore, Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators suppliers in Bangalore, Custom Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators manufacturers in Bangalore.

We have the most complete range of refrigeration equipment; Commercial Vegetable Refrigerator, freezers, coolers, commercial walk-in freezers and coolers and can service all your commercial needs with just a few clicks.

A complete line of Industrial / Commercial Modular Cooler Coils and Commercial Vegetable Refrigeration Systems for your Walk-In Coolers & Freezers that requires no plumbing; you just need to plug them in.

Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators for Hotels and Restaurants

Whether you are looking for Industrial / Commercial Vegetable Refrigeration for your grocery store, variety store, supermarket, convenience Store, or restaurant Refrigeration Equipment, or any Coolers for boutique, we have all kinds of Industrial / Commercial refrigeration equipment.

Synergy Innovations offer a complete range of prefabricated polyurethane Insulated Walk-Ins, Non-Refrigerated Warehouses, Refrigerated Warehouses, Non-Refrigerated Buildings which is used by FORD & IKEA. While browsing synergy innovations, you will find Commercial Vegetable Refrigeration Equipment of all sizes, types and capacities.

Synergy Innovations offers Swinging Glass Door Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators & Sliding Glass Door, Bagged Ice Merchandisers & Swing Glass Door Commercial Refrigerated Freezers and Under Counter Commercial Refrigerated freezers & Coolers. We have a complete range of Frozen Food, Deli, Dairy, Meat, Produce, Sandwich and Ice Cream Refrigerated Merchandisers as well as Hot and Dry Cases. Most Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators are Remotely Refrigerated or Self Contained.

We are proudly providing our valuable customers a large amount of excellent quality Commercial Vegetable Refrigerators For Fruit And Vegetable Display cabinets which has the following Features:

  1. Unique design, beautiful and elegant appearance.
  2. Uses famous brand compressor, the key components are world famous brand and advanced back blow refrigeration system with temperature uniform.
  3. Exterior adopts impact-proof material, without deformation,Toughened insulating glass, high-strength, more clear. Multi-layer boards can be free combination, angle adjustable, good display effect.
  4. Precise temperature, Microcomputer digital control, defrosting temperature and double control for defrosting time.
  5. Energy-saving, ensure the safety and hygiene of food.


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