Commercial Undercounter Fridge

Commercial Undercounter Fridge

Synergy Innovations manufacture commercial undercounter refrigerator in Bangalore, commercial undercounter fridges for sale in Bangalore, commercial undercounter refrigerator glass door, commercial undercounter bar refrigerator, commercial undercounter beer refrigerator, under counter commercial bar refrigerator.
If you want a little extra refrigeration, or you want a refrigerator that is easy to go, then a compact undercounter refrigerator will perfectly suit your wants. Whether you are a homeowner, office worker or a pupil, in the event you intend to chill or store things in a confined space, then you will discover a myriad of undercounter refrigerators from several of our collections.

Since there are really so many choices, locating an appropriate undercounter refrigerator will not be an easy job. If you wish to know more about undercounters you may download our product catalogue.
After you have made the decision that you would like to get an undercounter-sized refrigerator, all you will need to do is walk up to us and we will design and manufacture the refrigerator that’ll suit your wants.

Commercial Undercounter Fridge

We manufacture supreme quality Synergy Brand Undercounter Refrigeration in adherence with industry standard with the use of AS 304 Stainless Steel,
Our undercounter refrigeration comes with quick cool and maximum space and comes in various sizes to suit the best need of our client

  • Aesthetically Designed
  • Quick Cool Technology
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Quality Steel Used
  • Low power Consumption
  • Ideal for Restaurants & Super Market

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Commercial Undercounter Fridge / Refrigerators

Synergy Innovations is the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Commercial Undercounter Fridge in Bangalore. Commercial Undercounter Fridge / Refrigerators are essential for your bakery, catering business, restaurant and for other food-service establishment. From commercial undercounter fridges for sale , commercial undercounter fridge / refrigerator glass door, commercial undercounter bar refrigerator, commercial undercounter beer refrigerator, under counter commercial bar refrigerator. commercial undercounter beverage refrigerator, commercial undercounter refrigerator freezer combo you can choose from models with one or multiple doors to accommodate your medium or high volume storage according to your needs.

You can keep your meats, sauces, and other foods frozen in our commercial freezers and commercial under counter fridge freezer. These units provide great amount of space for use in your high-volume establishment and it is available with glass doors for product visibility or with solid doors which helps in keeping the food fresh and at leveled temperature.


Types of commercial refrigerators are the following:

Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator glass door / Merchandising Refrigerators

Synergy Innovations Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator glass door

Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator glass door

Merchandising refrigerators keeps your food products chilled and display them in a visual way. You can set these units in your front-of-house area to help boost sales of your desserts, sandwiches, bottled beverages, fruit salads and six packs.

Commercial Undercounter Refrigerator Freezer Combo / Merchandising Freezers

You can Increase sales of frozen seafood, treats, dinners, and sides in these merchandising freezers. Using commercial undercounter refrigerator drawers Choose from single or multi-section units to find the best option for your grocery store, seafood restaurant, deli or convenience store.

Commercial Undercounter Bar Fridge or Refrigerators / Bar Refrigerators

For storing beer, wine, and liquor at the proper storage and serving temperatures bar refrigerators are used, you can choose from back bar coolers, glass chillers, beer dispensers to select the unit that meets the needs of your business. commercial undercounter bar refrigerator, commercial undercounter beer refrigerator, under counter commercial bar refrigerator. commercial undercounter beverage refrigerator.

Prep Refrigerators

Prep refrigerators have flat surfaces for preparing special food as well as there is a refrigerated space for ingredient storage, you will find units with surface sizes to meet specific storage and different interior configurations

Combination Refrigerators and Freezers

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration that can hold your foods chill and frozen at the same time then you must buy a combination refrigerator of fridge and freezer. Our selection of combo models includes constructed for high-volume establishments, front-of-house merchandising areas & institutional settings.

Undercounter and Worktop Refrigerators / Freezers

Undercounter and worktop refrigerators and freezers are established with limited space such as for bar prep areas, concession stands, food trucks and sandwich shops. These commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers fit in counters and in other surfaces, and most of them come with large flat surfaces for additional prep space.

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